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A Better 54

Senator McCann of IL speaking to the group.

 New Champ Clark Bridge Opened August 3, 2019

 The ribbon cutting ceremony for new Champ Clark Bridge was held Saturday, August 3, 2019.  The new bridge was opened to traffic after the ceremony.

 To view information on the Champ Clark Bridge, go to www.champclarkbridge.com .

Current Transportation Issues

Hwy 54 Coalition Met In IL For Coalitions Monthly Meeting

From Mexico, MO to Louisiana, MO our residents and the traveling public need A BETTER 54.  A shared four-lane highway is being proposed by a group of concerned citizens to help this happen.  This site is designed to answer your questions.

Northeast Missouri needs to complete its extension of the US 54 corridor by upgrading it to a shared four-lane highway to support economic development, provide safer travel and provide more efficiency.

To learn more, please make sure you check out the Shared-4 Brochure and Shared-4 Video links.

The Hwy 54 Coalition meeting was hosted by the IL Economic Development Director/Board.The meeting was attended by both MO & IL Federal, State & County representatives.

Kevin James from MoDOT explaining the “Shared 4 Lane” concept.

Pictured is some of the representatives in attendance.

The Hwy 54 Coalition meets the third Thursday of every month.


Scott’s Corner Roundabout Opening Friday, August 16th, 2019

Bassinger Corner is scheduled for 2022

On U.S. Route 54 at Scott’s Corner, construction of a rural roundabout began on Monday, May 6.

S & A Equipment & Builders was awarded the contract by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for $2,416,716.  The completion date for the project is September 13, the roundabout will be open to traffic on Friday, August 16, 2019.