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A Better 54

 Q:  Are there other Shared four-lane highways in Missouri?

 A:  Yes:  State Route 5 was opened in 2010 between Camdenton and Lebanon.  This project is considered a major success.

 Q:  Why a “shared four-lane” instead of a traditional four lane highway?

 A:  Cost and Benefit.... A Shared four-lane on US 54 is expected to cost  approximately one-half of what a traditional four lane highway would cost.  However, we would receive comparable benefits in terms of efficiency, safety and  development potential.  Additionally, environmental impacts are greatly reduced  in areas such as lost farm ground.

 Q:  How will A BETTER 54 be paid for?

 A:  Frankly, we don’t yet know.  There is currently much work being done at the  Federal and State levels to determine where money will come from for future  investments in transportation infrastructure such as  A BETTER 54.  We want to  build support at all levels for this important project so that we are ready  when  funds become available.

 Q: How do I contact the 54 Coalition?

 A: Please see the Contact us page.

 Q:  Who is the 54 Coalition?

 A: The coalition is made up of cities, counties, and development organizations  along the BETTER 54 route.  An expansion of the coalition is planned for the  future.

 Q:  Is a shared four-lane highway safe?

 A: Because drivers never have to drive in a lane with oncoming traffic, a shared  four-lane is far safer than a two lane road.  It is this ability to pass (or to be  passed) on a shared four-lane that makes it so much safer and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  When will we drive on A BETTER 54?

  A:  Projects such as A Better 54 can take years to complete after funding is  determined.  Right now, specific funding sources have not yet been determined.  No time frame for completion is possible based  on these facts.

 Q:  Where would A BETTER 54 be?

 A:  The improvements would be from Mexico, MO to Pittsfield, IL. This 74.1 mile stretch would complete an unfinished connection  between I-70 and Avenue of the Saints (US 61) and extend to the Illinois  border.  Upon completion of this project, US 54 will be improved from Pittsfield, IL to Lake of the Ozarks.

 Q:  How much will A Better 54 cost?

 A:  A study completed by MODOT has early cost estimates of approximately 81  million (for the Missouri portion).  Roughly half of what a traditional four-lane would cost.